"Train your mind to accept the blessings even before you receive them"

" I love this community because it is full of positive people"

"Thank you for giving a beginner like me a chance to change. This community has actually changed my life"

"Some other people pay big to learn a skill and get motivated in life. But here in Phyllis, they are all free."


ELIZABETH LLANO, Social Media Marketing VA

" Whenever I see and was able to talk with Phyllis, I see her as a light. That she is so positive that I feel that I am so Empowered. That I CAN DO ANYTHING. I changed my perspective towards work, as well as my personal life, as a mother, a wife, a daughter, sister and as a friend. I now focus on the good things. And I have never encountered such a person in my life until I met Phyllis. I look forward to work every day because of what she has imprinted on me. Before, I only look forward to the payday/s, but now, every day is something to look forward to. Now, I don't only think of myself, but I see myself, helping other people, and my client. Making a difference, one step at a time. "


Social Media Marketing VA

ELENE GADVILAO, Social Media Marketing VA

" To our boss Phyllis, just want you to know that the way you see things and do things, makes you really special. You inspire us to do more and be more! We're grateful to met someone like you. We keep on growing every day because of you. Can't stress this enough. We love you! "


Social Media Marketing VA

RUBY GONZALES, Bookkeeper / Personal Assistant

" You are so amazing and have this BIG heart of sharing your experiences to people that you don’t even know personally; it takes a lot of courage to do that. Your ultimate goal to help is a selfless act of LOVE that everyone felt so grateful about you. The high value training that you provided with sharing of your personal experiences makes it more valuable. You are so beautiful inside that shines outside, it’s contagious that everyone around you felt that SUNSHINE. "


Bookkeeper / Personal Assistant

SOFIA NICOLE NALANG, Graphic Design / General Virtual Assistant

" I became a person who can live and speak positively on a professional level. It made me understand that being a VA for a business is not only being a VA. YOU ARE MORE THAN THAT. You're a partner, an active listener to your client, a creative person, and a good friend. I am so thankful to be one of the VA of team Phyllis. "


Graphic Design / General Virtual Assistant

PATRICIA MAUREEN TAMURA, Real Estate Virtual Assistant

" For boss Phyllis, you are an exceptional and outstanding coach. If I would rate how amazing you are from 1-10, I would definitely rate you 11. You didn't just inspire us but you also gave us something to hold on to."


Real Estate Virtual Assistant

RONA MENDOZA-MAGBOO, General Virtual Assistant

" I am not just a VA anymore. I am now a Super VA. Before Phyllis, I was so shy and scared to give updates to my client because I might annoy them. But with Phyllis, it is okay to OVERCOMMUNICATE. I am forever indebted to team Phyllis. Thank you for introducing me to this community."


General Virtual Assistant

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